Radiators and towel rails to warm and decorate your bathroom

The heated towel rail has become indispensable in our bathrooms. It furnishes our interiors and contributes to the layout and decoration of our bathrooms. First of all, it allows to warm the room and limit the humidity. But it is also a design accessory that brings comfort and softness to our bathroom.

How can I do without it?
We all like to get out of the bath or shower and find a hot towel waiting for us.

Depending on your style, your needs, space constraints, there are many models. Contemporary or retro style, white, chrome, black or colored, electric, hot water, infrared or dual power, to install on the floor, wall and even ceiling, you will necessarily find a model that meets your expectations.

Discover our selection from a wide selection of heated towel rails and contact us for advice from our experts.

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