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The Cielo brand was born from an idea of Alessio Coramusi, descendant of an old family of master ceramicists since the late nineteenth century. Her wish was to enhance this noble raw material and create through it collections of innovative and original bathroom furniture, timeless and contemporary.

“Cielo is the place where design and production, innovation and technology come together to become design”

CIELO’s mission is to bring ceramics beyond known limits, through shapes, sizes, thicknesses, surfaces and colors. Ultra-thin thicknesses, original and contemporary design … make their ceramics unique and inimitable. Their collections have a recognizable, innovative, elegant and functional design.

Each piece, from the Cielo ovens, is then processed, molded and polished by expert hands of men and women, true craftsmen capable of transforming a series product into a real element of design, unique and precious; Handmade in Italy in products that combine technological innovation, recovery of manufacturing traditions and artistic expression.

CIELO is located on the site of Civita Castellana, a territory with an ancient artistic tradition that until the middle of the 20th century was an important area for the production of ceramics. It was in the early 1900s that Antonio Coramusi began producing ceramic sanitary ware. From there, CIELO has created exclusive collections of sanitary facilities, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs, toilets and urinals that have revolutionized the bathroom experience.

Contrary to the industrial logic of recent decades, CIELO has chosen to restore the true value of «cultura delle mani (handmade culture)». At the center of this approach, the master craftsmen who, with care and professionalism, know how to «tame» ceramics, giving life to unique products of design, beauty and quality. A know-how based on a historical heritage and solid traditions, which can be translated on the market by a proposal authentically «Made in Italy».

The CIELO collections are characterised by their ability to be completely personalised, guaranteed by a highly qualified team that controls, refines and, if necessary, decorates each piece by hand. A meticulous process that allows the company to meet the challenges posed by the most ambitious projects.

The source of inspiration for these creations is nature, from which the brand draws its ideas, to give life to the color palette «Le Terre di Cielo». An exclusive color range with 16 inimitable shades. CIELO is also known for its Extrà ceramic, the world’s finest coloured ceramic, with only 5 mm thickness, the result of a strong focus on research and experimentation that has always been a hallmark of the company’s DNA.

The peculiarity of CIELO products is the sophisticated and unique style, made of pure and essential lines that portray the bathroom environment in an incomparable way. A true interpreter of contemporary life and anticipator of future trends, CIELO represents the absolute reference of the global industry in the definition of a modern and contemporary atmosphere, able to value the bathroom as a place of well-being.

Vasques colorées_Cielo

Tendance salle de bains contemporaine_Cielo

Tendance salle de bains contemporaine avec la vasque suspendue_Cielo

Tendance salle de bains contemporaine avec la vasque suspendue ELLE de Cielo - Chez Hydropolis

Vous avez une petite salle de bains ? Pensez au meuble-coiffeuse Narcisco de Cielo - Chez Hydropolis

ADA2022 - Meuble sous-vasque MARCEL chez Cielo


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