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The story of Zucchetti is the story of a success that began long ago, in 1929, with the foundation of a small foundry in Valduggia (Vercelli), work of Alfredo Zucchetti. With the constitution of the Zucchetti.Kos group, led by the third generation of Zucchetti – Elena, Carlo and their cousins Marco and Paolo – the company has 4 production sites, a distribution unit, for a total of 72,000 m2 covered, 400 employees and 2 million items produced each year.

Innovation, design and quality have always been the pillars of the company, the four axes inseparable from its evolution. After an initial phase of «experimentation», linked to the production of industrial valves and valves, Zucchetti converted, in 1950, its entire factory to the realization of chrome sanitary valves. In the early fifties, Mario Zucchetti, the son of Alfredo, the enlightened entrepreneur who, for almost fifty years, led the company to develop at the productive, technological and commercial level, entered the company: it will complete the large new site of the company headquartered in Gozzano (Novara), a factory that is distinguished by cutting-edge production equipment, and will then present the brand at the most important international fairs in the sector. Finally, in Milan, he opened the first export office to conquer foreign markets working on post-war reconstruction. 1958 saw the arrival of the first major orders from across the Atlantic: Canada, Australia… become important new markets for the company.

In 1970, the second company of the group is created: Zucchetti Mario S.p.A. This one is specialized in hot stamping of brass and other metal alloys. Omez S.p.A., specialized in plastic molding, was established in 1983.
In the seventies, the company approached the world of design. President of Zucchetti SPA just created, Mario Zucchetti was indeed intimately convinced of the importance of the «sign» in each project: synthesis of innovative technical and aesthetic values, content vector, excellence of the proposal in the formal and substantial connotations of the product. In 1975, it was the first ceramic disc mixer produced in Italy, the Zetamix 6000 by Nizzoli, then the Coriandoli range, the Zetamix 3000 single-lever mixer and, finally, in 1989, the Magia series, designed by Barbieri and Marianelli: with his projects, Zucchetti renews the world of taps, flooding it with colors and differentiated finishes, and lays the milestones of the path taken to date.

The 2000s saw the release of the Spin range, the fruit of the inspiration of Raul Barbieri, and the beginning of the collaboration with Matteo Thun: Isy the first mixer with invisible technology, signed Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, wins all major awards as well as international awards.

In 2003 Zucchetti presents the Aguablu range designed by Barbara Sordina; it gives water a specific shape thanks to its unique and elegant line. In 2004, the company offers the Bellagio collection whose design is by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez: aristocratic elegance, exclusive and cosmopolitan. In the same year, the company decided to seek the strategic advice of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the company’s new artistic directors. In 2005, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba signed two important collections of taps: Pan, characterized by the immediate correspondence between natural and organic forms, thanks to its soft and sensual fittings, and Soft, an exclusive set of reflective surfaces.

In 2006, Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodríguez and Ludovica+Roberto Palomba created two innovative collections, Simply Beautiful and Fully Round, aimed at a “wider” range of users. Then, in 2007, William Sawaya, an eclectic Lebanese architect and designer, designs Wosh, a perfect synthesis of complexity and purity of forms reminiscent of the faceted appearance of a diamond.

But it was in 2009 that Zucchetti embarked to present a whole «universe of well-being»: for the first time, she proposes, with Kos, acquired in 2007, the first complete and complex collection for the space bath. More than 100 products for individuals, hotels and residences as well as spas and characterized by square shapes and rounded corners. New types of products, patents and innovations dedicated to energy and water saving. Faraway disrupts the rules of the bath space, generates a new iconography and embodies the dream of everyone, throughout the world.

Zucchetti has always been attentive to environmental issues in the production process as well as in the production and study of its products with devices or ad hoc solutions. Mixing water and air, these allow to have a limited flow and, consequently, to save water considerably without affecting the comfort of the collections. The constant application of cutting-edge technologies allows the company to anticipate trends and meet the requirements of the international market in an innovative way.

Elena Zucchetti_DG de Zucchetti: Today we have 80 years of history, skills and know-how. Dynamic and leader in the Italian and international market thanks to strong strategies, Zucchetti is constantly at the forefrontIt is a reflection of the vision of a family of entrepreneurs who have always been able to anticipate the demands of the consumer and thus decide to modify and structure the company flexibly, in harmony with their strategies.”

As proof of its keen interest in expanding into foreign markets, Zucchetti opened, in 2004, a commercial subsidiary in Poland in order to develop the eastern markets, in 2005, in Shanghai, to undertake to penetrate the Asian market. In 2010, the most recent opening, and not least, was that of its American subsidiary, to further consolidate its already significant presence in the United States.

Vasque à poser terracotta_collection Beam par Zucchetti - Chez Hydropolis

Vasque à poser terracotta_collection Beam par Zucchetti - Chez Hydropolis

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