Rounded bathroom furniture: The new trend!

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À la Pointe de l’Élégance: The trend for rounded bathroom furniture

In the demanding world of interior design, every detail counts to create a luxurious and distinctive ambience. That’s why at Hydropolis, Custom interior designer, we know that the choice of furniture plays a crucial role in designing a bathroom that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Among the options that evoke luxury and refinement, bathroom furniture with rounded shapes stands out as a particularly seductive option.

Hydropolis’s team, custom bathroom and wellness designers, give you 4 reasons to succumb to the charms of rounded bathroom furniture.
Let our selection of furniture be your guide to a bathroom at the cutting edge of elegance and design.

GrateRound_Meuble arrondi en bois texturé_Inbani

Le principal attrait des meubles de salle de bains aux formes arrondies réside dans leur capacité à apporter une touche d'élégance et de douceur à l'espace.

For those looking for a resolutely contemporary and differentiating approach, the trend towards rounded bathroom furniture is a real revelation.


1 – Elegant, soft curves


The main appeal of bathroom furniture with rounded shapes lies in its ability to bring a touch of elegance and softness to the space. Unlike the straight, rigid lines of traditional bathroom furniture, curves evoke a sense of fluidity and grace. Inbani‘s Grate Round collection, which plays on an elegant palette of precious materials and colors such as marble, cement, wood and metal, embodies this aesthetic and delicacy to perfection.

The delicate curves of rounded furniture blend harmoniously with other design elements in the bathroom, such as sinks, bathtubs, mirrors and accessories, to create a cohesive, sophisticated whole.

Calipso_Meuble_suspendu_pour_ salle_de_bains design_Edone_by_Agora_6

la collection Calipso de chez Édoné Design, dont les courbes délicates offrent d'élégants rangements sur les deux côtés du meuble tout en conservant une harmonie visuelle dans la salle de bains.

2 – A Perfect Fusion of Style and Functionality

Beyond their seductive aesthetic appeal, bathroom furniture with rounded shapes offers a particularly sought-after functionality in bathroom design projects: storage!

Their ergonomic design offers concealed storage, optimizing the use of space while preserving a fluid aesthetic. Like the Calipso collection from Edoné Design, whose delicate curves offer elegant storage on both sides of the unit, while maintaining visual harmony in the bathroom.


Chez Sbordoni, la collection Plissé incarne cette nouvelle ère de l'agencement de salles de bains, où le design audacieux rencontre le confort suprême.

3 – A differentiating approach to interior design

In a market saturated with ephemeral trends, opting for bathroom furniture with rounded shapes is an elegant way to stand out from the crowd. This differentiating approach gives your bathroom project a touch of modernity and originality that’s sure to win admiration.

At Sbordoni, the Plissé collection embodies this new era in bathroom design, where bold design meets supreme comfort.

Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary sanctuary or a classic haven, these bathroom furnishings integrate perfectly with a wide variety of decorative styles, offering a versatile and elegant solution for any bespoke bathroom project.

Calipso_Meuble_suspendu_pour_ salle_de_bains design_Edone_by_Agora_8

Le meuble Calispo de chez Edoné Design, se caractérise par une ligne continue sur les trois côtés du meuble.‎ Une ligne claire et élégante, qui met en valeur le plateau et souligne la perception des profils.‎ Les volumes inférieurs des meubles, grâce aux finitions spéciales proposées apparaissent presque sans lignes d'ouverture

4 – Exceptional quality and craftsmanship

The Grate Round, Calipso and Plissé collections perfectly illustrate our commitment to quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, these pieces embody the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship.

As here, with the design of the Calispo cabinet, which features a continuous line on all three sides of the cabinet: a clear, elegant line that delimits and highlights the top and emphasizes the perception of the profiles. Thanks to the special finishes offered for this collection, the lower volumes of the cabinets appear almost without opening lines.

Add a touch of elegance and refinement to your bathroom with our suggestion of rounded bathroom furniture.

Choosing bathroom furniture with rounded shapes means opting for excellence in design and functionality. At Hydropolis, we offer a discerning selection of furniture that combines timeless elegance with modern comfort. For those looking to push the boundaries of interior design and create unique, singular spaces, these design pieces offer the opportunity to merge style and functionality with panache. With the Hydropolis teams, the bathroom of your dreams is within reach, embodying the very essence of luxury and distinction.

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