Why choose a PVD faucet for your bathroom?

Faced with increasing and regular use of our bathroom faucets, it is essential to choose quality products that will withstand the time. For several years now, we have seen the emergence of a new manufacturing process more resistant and with impeccable finishes: PVD.

Borrowed from the space industry and then watchmaking, this process revolutionises the world of taps and offers manufacturers new sources of inspiration.

Fintions PVD chez Treemme Rubinetterie - collection 40mm

What is the PVD?

PVD, physical vapor deposition or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a metallization process that allows to deposit under vacuum and through steam, a layer of material on an existing support. It is a technique used for surface treatment and gives the materials exceptional strength and an aesthetic finish of great purity. Today, the PVD is THE big trend that we find in the collections of taps.

Finition copper bronze chez New Form - Collection Blink

Finition copper bronze chez New Form - Collection Blink

How does the tap work?

This process consists in vaporizing, in a gaseous medium, an alloy of metals which is then deposited with great precision on the surface of the taps and accessories. This treatment offers a wide variety of new shades compared to conventional surface treatment. To obtain different shades, it is enough to play on the composition of the metals that make up this alloy (Titanium or Zirconium used for example in French taps THG). To guarantee a perfect result, this technique is applied to taps already chromed, brushed or stainless steel.

The metal layer applied to the faucet is very thin. This vacuum deposition technique offers a very pure and regular result, which eliminates any risk of impurity, irregularity or oxidation. To schematize, the metal is heated to its melting temperature (about 3400°). It evaporates and eventually comes into contact with the element to be covered which is located at a lower temperature. The metal can therefore return to its solid shape and cover the object in question: your future tap is ready!

The advantages of a faucet in PVD finish?

PVD technology offers resistance three times higher than chromium and ten times more resistance to maintenance products, corrosion and scratches.

While some prefer a faucet that patinates over time but also requires more maintenance, others prefer to opt for a faucet without constraint. Indeed, a faucet in PVD finish, will require very little maintenance. This technique is particularly resistant to corrosive products, detergents and scratches. Their service life is therefore much longer than a traditional faucet. It is therefore particularly recommended in hotels or places receiving many public.

The metallic layer deposited on the surface of the tap guarantees an incomparable shine.

Another strong point of the PVD, it allows to create new finishes. For your kitchen or bathroom faucets, you will now have the choice between a chrome black or matte black, copper, black metal or gold in different shades.

The advantages of a PVD finish also lies in the fact that it is an ecological process. It is a naturally recyclable process that produces no polluting elements: no chemical waste and therefore has no impact on the environment.

Finition PVD doré mat chez THG

Finition PVD doré mat chez THG

The disadvantages of PVD?

If PVD coatings are both stronger, shinier and easier to maintain than traditional coatings like chrome or brushed, know that it will cost you 30% more than a classic finish.

What finishes are made in PVD?

The grade of a PVD finish is related to the different alloys used in the manufacture and its quantity, each manufacturer will have its own recipe and its own name according to the collections.

To help you see more clearly, we have condensed on a color chart, the different finishes PVD. Attention, this list is not exhaustive but can probably inspire you for the realization of your future bathroom projects.

>> Download our colour chart : Hydropolis-Finishes Taps PVD

Sailing, un ré-interprétation poétique de la borne d'amarrage. Design Yabu Pushelberg pour Fantini - Robinet pour baignoire, finition Matt Gun Metal PVD. Disponible chez Hydropolis.

Robinet GESSI - Collection Anello en PVD - Finition laiton

Gessi, la marque italienne spécialisée dans la robinetterie et ses finitions PVD

Chez Newform, il existe quatre finitions en PVD disponibles sur certaines collections

Collections robinetterie pour la salle de bains_Hydropolis_Tremme

Collections robinetterie pour la salle de bains_Hydropolis_Tremme

Robinetterie finition Copper - Collection Cobber/Hotbath chez Hydropolis

Robinetterie Gessi_Collection Anello disponibles en plusieurs finitions_Chez Hydropolis

Robinetterie Gessi_Collection Anello disponibles en plusieurs finitions_Chez Hydropolis

Robinetterie Tara Dornbracht_Disponible chez Hydropolis

Robinetterie Tara Dornbracht_Disponible chez Hydropolis

To summarize, here are the 5 benefits of choosing a PVD faucet:

1/ Resistant to cleaning products and detergents
2/ Easy to maintain
3/ Shine and impeccable finish
4/ Resistant to scratches and corrosion
5/ Ecological process


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