Creating a Home Wellness area

Project_HomeWellness_Sauna_3D modelling by Hydropolis

A wellness area at home

Type and location of project: Creation of a home wellness area in a private home

Guideline: Our client, a busy businessman and particularly sporty, wanted to have his own wellness area in his home.

More and more people are choosing to set up a wellness area in their own home, whether to maintain their body or to relax. Among the multitude of equipment available, and to meet our customer’s needs, several very distinct areas were installed.

A comfortable 80 m2 was dedicated to this project.

As the space to be fitted out was laid out lengthways, our teams naturally decided to divide the room into 3 distinct sections:

– On the right-hand side, the treatment rooms (sensory shower, sauna, cold room, steam room)
– On the left, a relaxation area and herbal tea room
– In the centre, a corridor leading to a massage room

The organisation of the wellness area

In a space dedicated to relaxation and well-being, it is important to respect a certain order and sense of direction when carrying out treatments.

To begin the relaxing journey, our customers have a changing room to prepare for their treatments. It consists of a toilet, a washbasin and the accessories needed to organise personal belongings.

Care areas

The sensory shower

This consists of a rain canopy and hydromassage jets. The whole system is regulated by an integrated thermostatic solution with electronic diverter and touch screen. The solution has a number of functions that enable you to use the different water jet programmes available (tropical rain, etc.), as well as a Bluetooth audio system for a total sensory experience with sounds, lights and the intensity of the water on the skin.

The sauna

Following on from this relaxation area, the sauna is the first cabin to be found.
Originating in Scandinavia, the sauna provides deep relaxation to eliminate the stress and fatigue accumulated from everyday life.
The closed room is equipped with benches that act as seats and in which reigns a dry heat produced by an electric stove whose temperature can reach 110°C with a humidity level of around 25%. Ideal for freeing the body of toxins and impurities.

The cold room and ice cabin

In the Scandinavian tradition, it is common to slip into the cold or rub your body with snow after a sauna bath. This practice is recommended in order to create a significant thermal contrast between the different treatment cycles. It also has a number of benefits for the body, including significant stimulation of the circulatory system and deep relaxation of the nerves and muscles.

As this is a private space, and for safety reasons, the cold room has a constant temperature of -5°C. This is different from a cryotherapy cabin, where the temperature is close to -150°C, but which must be used under the supervision of professionals.

An ice-cream dispenser has therefore been added to the cabin. The combination of these two features ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of the cold on your body.

The hammam

The last treatment room before the massage room, the hammam is characterised by high humidity (85% – 90%) combined with a lower temperature (40°C – 50°C). The experience is one of complete body regeneration.
Fine steam gently envelops the body while the warm temperature softens the skin, purifying it and releasing toxins and stress. The water in the form of hot steam quickly warms the entire skin and respiratory tract, providing a relaxing wellness therapy.

The massage room

Our relaxing journey comes to an end. At the end of this long corridor dedicated to well-being, a massage room has been created. It consists of a heated table and the furniture needed to store accessories (towels, bathrobes) and treatment products.

Opposite the three treatment rooms, our customers can relax on one of the two benches delicately integrated into the alcoves, while taking advantage of the herbal tea area, equipped with everything they need to quench their thirst (mini-kitchenette and fridge).

And because a wellness area would not be complete without a relaxing musical ambience, a sound system controlled via an iPad has been installed in all the rooms that make up the wellness area.

Budget: €200K

Surface area: 80 m2

Services provided :

Project study,
Production of plans,
3D modelling,
Choice of materials

Brands used in the project :

Sauna and Spa : CARMENTA
Sensory shower : AQUAELITE
Floor and wall coverings : MARAZZI
Towel dryer : CEA DESIGN
Furniture: Custom-designed by the Hydropolis teams. The seats were then made by the client’s upholsterers and joiners.


So if you too would like to transform a room in your home into a place of relaxation and well-being, contact us!

Project_HomeWellness_Sauna_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Sauna_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Couloir_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Couloir_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Hammam and ice cabin_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Hammam and ice cabin_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Tisanerie_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Project_HomeWellness_Tisanerie_3D modelling by Hydropolis

Agencement Espace Wellness 3D par Hydroplis

Agencement Espace Wellness 3D par Hydroplis

Section plan_Wellness area_By Hydropolis

Section plan_Wellness area_By Hydropolis