Preview: AXENT.ONE PLUS, the new generation of Axent washing toilets

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In advance of its worldwide launch, Hydropolis, your specialist in top-of-the-range bathroom fittings, unveils the latest generation of the AXENT washing toilet: the Axent.One Plus.

Innovation: Axent One, the new generation of washing toilets

Washing toilets: innovation for greater comfort and hygiene

Although the development of lavatories in France has been slower than in other European countries, the trend is slowly making its way into our homes. Our relationship with this type of product is changing, and we’re attaching more and more importance to our intimate hygiene in the same way as washing our hands, teeth or taking a shower.

Manufacturers are well aware of this, and today offer us solutions that combine quality and design, ease of use, technology, enhanced hygiene and reduced water consumption.

These are undeniable advantages when it comes to taking the plunge and installing a flush toilet at home!

Do you know Axent.One?

Created by design architects Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, and winner of numerous design awards, AXENT.ONE is an innovative WC wash solution developed for greater comfort and hygiene. Its compact design means it fits perfectly into any interior. It also hides unsightly pipes and helps to reduce water consumption.

Far more hygienic than paper and quicker than a bidet, it’s been specially designed to keep you feeling clean and fresh all day long, just like a shower.

Here’s a quick summary of its features:

– Cleaning function with a soothing cleaning jet
– Self-cleaning after each use for optimum hygiene at all times
– Adjustable water temperature
– Toilet seat designed with drop-brake
– Heated bezel
– Warm air drying with a pleasant breeze and adjustable temperature to suit your needs
– Integrated deodorising via a presence sensor that releases a pleasant fragrance
– 5 programmable profiles for greater efficiency and ease of use
– Massage function via the jet of the oscillating hand shower with two distinct modes: washing jet or hand shower for precise, pleasant cleaning tailored to your needs.

The AXENT.ONE washbasin also has its own application.
The AXENT Smart Control app allows you to control all AXENT.ONE toilets. Use Bluetooth to automatically connect your mobile device to your toilet and use it as a remote control – a simple touch is all it takes. Working just like any other remote control, the app lets you access all the functions of the washbasin without touching it.

The AXENT Smart Control app can be installed and used on any Bluetooth-enabled Android or Apple iOS device. You can change and save your settings and even control your toilet remotely.

Innovation: The Axent One washing toilet has its own application

Innovation: Axent One, the new generation of flush toilets

What are its latest innovations?

AXENT. ONE PLUS is the new generation of washbasin with a range of exceptional features, all operated from a multifunction remote control. Everything else becomes superfluous and obsolete.

Take a look at the new features of the AXENT.ONE PLUS washbasin that you’ll be able to discover in our showrooms from June 2021.

+ New multifunction remote control
+ Scheduled descaling function
+ New rinsing technology
+ Anti-bacterial coating
+ Silent flush
+ Easy installation

The greatest innovation of the AXENT.ONE PLUS model is the ergonomic remote control designed to control its many functions.

AXENT.ONE is a wall-hung toilet with a concealed closure. Thanks to the rimless ceramic, the inside of the toilet is easy to clean. It’s child’s play! Cyclonic flush technology also acts like a vortex, rinsing the inside of the bowl with unprecedented capacity. To reduce noise pollution, a fluid water movement effectively reduces flushing noise by up to 22% compared with conventional toilets.

AXENT Easy Clean high-tech enamel offers ultimate protection. Its stain-resistant surface and flangeless profile help to eliminate bacteria, making it easy to clean. The stainless steel hand shower is automatically cleaned before and after each use, and its high position guarantees hygiene. For night-time use, the integrated nightlight provides orientation without the need to light up the room and strain your eyes in the middle of the night. Depending on the ambient light, it switches on automatically or can be switched off completely.

Innovation: Axent One, the new generation of flush toilets

Technical info

All the functions, the power supply and the water supply are integrated into the ceramic so that they are invisible. Suitable for flush volumes of 6 and 3 litres in accordance with EN997, this flush toilet operates with a supply pressure of between 0.7 and 7.5 bar. Power consumption: 1600W. Nominal voltage: 250V – 50 Hz.

AXENT pushes back the technical limits, reinvents the washing toilet and sets new standards in terms of sanitary hygiene.

If you’re still hesitating between a traditional toilet or a washing toilet, nothing is more hygienic than washing with water. It gives us a feeling of vitality and vigour. It has the power to heal and regenerate.

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