How can terracotta be used in the bathroom?

Terracotta is the big trend of the moment and can be used everywhere! For interior decoration, on floors or outside walls.

And did you know that terracotta can also be used in the bathroom?

Terracotta is an organic, durable material that can be used in bathroom and interior design to bring a warm, natural touch to your spaces. Because of its natural qualities, terracotta is often used in traditional or Mediterranean-style designs, but it can also be incorporated into more modern designs to create interesting contrasts.

Water-resistant, terracotta can be used in a variety of ways in the bathroom. It can be used for floor coverings, walls, splashbacks, screens or decorative items such as vases and lights. Using terracotta in the bathroom creates a natural, relaxing atmosphere. Many designers and interior decorators have used terracotta in their creations, offering a range of styles, shapes and colours to suit all tastes and spaces. The terracotta bathroom collections proposed by designers in recent years offer accessories and decorative elements that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Hydropolis reveals its favourites, its inspirations and its advice for adding a touch of terracotta to your bathroom.

Inspiration terre cuite artisanale avec les créations de chez De Tegel BV - Disponibles chez Hydropolis

The origins of terracotta

Terracotta is a raw material that has been used for thousands of years to make decorative, architectural and utilitarian objects.
The history of terracotta dates back to ancient times, when the first potters began using clay to create containers for food and water. Pottery techniques were perfected over time, enabling the creation of increasingly complex and sophisticated objects. In the Middle Ages, terracotta was commonly used to make bricks, tiles and other building materials. Artists and craftsmen also began to use terracotta to create sculptures, bas-reliefs and other decorative objects. During the Renaissance, terracotta became a popular material for sculpture, particularly in Italy, where artists created finely worked, polychrome terracotta statues.

Over the centuries, terracotta has been used to create architectural elements such as columns, friezes and balustrades. It has also been used for tiling, cladding and wall decorations. Today, terracotta is still used to make tiles, wall coverings and decorative objects. It is also used in the construction industry to make bricks, tiles and other building materials. Today, terracotta continues to be a material appreciated for its beauty, durability and versatility.

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How can terracotta be used in the bathroom?

Terracotta is a warm, natural material that can add a beautiful touch of texture and colour to a bathroom. Here are some ideas for using terracotta in your bathroom:

  1. On your flooring: Terracotta is often used for flooring because of its durability and resistance to moisture. It can be used to add an authentic, natural touch to your interior.
  2. On your shower walls: If you’re looking to create a spa-like ambience in your bathroom, a terracotta shower wall can be an excellent option. It’s important to ensure that the shower wall is properly grouted and protected to prevent any water seepage (we explain how to properly prepare and maintain your terracotta wall a little further down in this article). Terracotta can also be used to create decorative walls in bathrooms and other areas of the home.
  3. As a splashback in your bathroom or kitchen: Terracotta blends perfectly with other styles, colours and materials. It adds warmth and authenticity to your rooms and a touch of modernity when combined with more contemporary elements such as freestanding basins, island baths, kitchens or other materials such as wood and marble.
  4. As a screen to separate spaces: Terracotta screens are an interesting option for adding a modern touch to your interior or exterior décor. They are also ideal for damp environments such as bathrooms or swimming pools, as terracotta is highly resistant to water. Terracotta screens can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different designs and finishes. They can be used to divide spaces, create visual dividers, shelves or decorative elements. The main advantage of terracotta screens for outdoor use is their durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. They are also environmentally friendly and made from natural materials, making them an environmentally-friendly solution.
  5. Decorating the bathroom: terracotta accessories such as vases and light fittings can add a touch of colour and texture to your bathroom. Terracotta decorative items add colour and texture to a room and can be used on their own or in groups.

La terre cuite posée au sol redevient tendance dans vos intérieurs. Collection De Tegel BV à découvrir chez Hydropolis, designers de vos espaces bains sur mesure

Salle de bains avec mur incurvé réalisé en brique de terre cuite de chez Fragmenti Cotto(13x48mm) - Disponible chez Hydropolis

Mur extérieur toute hauteur réalisé en terre cuite artisanale

Terracotta settles on your bathroom walls as evidenced by this pretty credence made of terracotta bricks from Fragmenti Cotto (13x98mm).

Tendances carrelages : La Mutina collection Célosia

Les tables basses Tototò de chez Miniforms sont réalisées en terre cuite et de manière artisanale. leur forme douce et fluide offre un design original et organique qui apporte une touche de chaleur à tout espace de vie. Une collection disponible chez Hydropolis, designer de votre espace bains sur mesure.

How should terracotta be treated for use in the bathroom?

Terracotta is a porous material that needs to be protected for use in a wet space such as a bathroom or shower, to prevent it from deteriorating or staining. Here are a few steps to follow to protect and maintain terracotta in your bathroom:

  1. Protect the terracotta: Before using it in your shower or on your splashback, you can protect the terracotta with a waterproofing product designed for porous surfaces. This will reduce the porosity of the material and make it more resistant to water.
  2. Clean your surface regularly: Terracotta needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt, mould or limescale. To clean the surface, you can use a mild cleaner diluted in hot water.
  3. Avoid aggressive products: Avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaning products, which can damage the terracotta surface. Also avoid cleaners containing bleach or bleaching agents, which can stain or discolour terracotta.
  4. Dry the surface: if you haven’t applied a waterproofing product, it’s best to wipe the surface of the terracotta with a clean towel or cloth after each use to remove any excess water. This will prevent the formation of stains and preserve the natural appearance of the terracotta.

By following these steps, you should be able to effectively protect the terracotta in your shower and preserve its natural appearance.


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La terre cuite est donc un choix judicieux pour ceux qui cherchent à créer une salle de bains à la fois fonctionnelle et esthétique, tout en respectant l'environnement et en valorisant le savoir-faire artisanal. Collection Fragmenti à découvrir chez Hydropolis, designers de vos espaces bains sur mesure

What product should I use and how do I waterproof my terracotta surface?

For walls in direct contact with water, we recommend protecting the surface with two coats of Fragmenti Easycare. This is a natural protector that creates a water and oil repellent membrane without altering the natural appearance of the product’s surface. This product is the result of meticulous research using a new generation of fluorinated silane acrylic copolymers with unique oil and water repellent characteristics for the protection of building materials. It guarantees durability and excellent protection of the support processed.

It is easy to apply using a wax spreader, cotton cloth, brush or low-pressure sprayer. On vertical surfaces, apply the product and wait 30-60 minutes between applications. For floor installations, we recommend completing the treatment with Easywax Fragments, with an opaque protective wax that has the advantage of better protecting the treated surfaces without altering their natural tone and, at the same time, simplifies routine maintenance operations. We suggest you apply two coats of EASYWAX FRAGMENTS using a cotton cloth or brush and wait 2 hours between the first and second application. Note that one litre of product covers approximately 25 to 35 m2 of surface (for a single coat). Contact our teams to find out more.

Do you have a project in mind?

Terracotta is a natural, durable material that adds a warm, rustic touch to bathroom design. It’s ideal for creating a welcoming, authentic atmosphere, while being easy to maintain and water-resistant. Whether used for tiling, creating wall coverings, credenzas or decorative pieces, terracotta offers a wealth of possibilities for personalising your bathroom. By combining different colours and textures, it’s possible to create interesting visual effects and play on contrasts with other materials.

In recent years, more and more designers are using terracotta in their creations, offering innovative, modern collections that adapt to current trends while retaining the authenticity of the material. Terracotta is therefore a wise choice for those looking to create a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while respecting the environment and promoting traditional craftsmanship.

If you’re planning to renovate or fit out a made-to-measure bathroom, contact the Hydropolis teams and make an appointment to visit one of our four showrooms.


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La terre cuite s'invite en crédence dans votre salle de bains. Collection de terre cuite artisanale disponible chez Hydropolis, designers de votre espace bains sur mesure.

Inspiration terre cuite artisanale avec les créations de chez De Tegel BV - Disponibles chez Hydropolis

Inspiration terre cuite artisanale avec les créations de chez De Tegel BV - Disponibles chez Hydropolis

Total look terre cuite pour cette salle de bains qui offre chaleur et modernité. Disponible chez Hydropolis

Réalisation d'un mur en terre cuite artisanale dans une salle de bains contemporaine

Inspiration terre cuite artisanale avec les créations de chez De Tegel BV - Disponibles chez Hydropolis

Réalisation d'une douche extérieure en terre cuite artisanale (mur et sol) de chez Fragmenti Cotto(13x98mm) - Disponible chez Hydropolis

Zoom sur la fabrication artisanale des revêtements en terre cuite de chez NEW TERRACOTTA

Zoom sur la fabrication artisanale des revêtements en terre cuite de chez NEW TERRACOTTA

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