Terracotta screen walls, the latest decorating trend


You certainly haven’t escaped it: screen walls are everywhere!

Whether for interior decoration, as a partition wall in your home or on your outdoor terrace, in wood or terracotta, screen walls are THE trend of the moment.

Hydropolis, designer of bathing and wellness areas, has selected for you the finest collections of terracotta screen walls.
If you want to adopt this trend and make a difference to your decor, you absolutely must choose one of these collections.

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The Célosia collection offers unlimited solutions for indoors and outdoors, in private spaces or the hotel trade.

“Célosia” collection by Patricia Urquiola

Célosia is a new approach to the artisanal production process for terracotta claustras. The famous designer’s approach is to give birth to imperfect, tactile elements that come from the earth, marked by human hands and the passing of time. Tiles, bricks, hollow bricks and partitions are dismantled, destructured and reinterpreted in a new way, while retaining the traditional touch given by handcrafted production.

These claustras, with their unique, highly functional design, were created by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina (20.5×26.5×10 cm). The Célosia collection offers unlimited solutions for indoors and outdoors, in private spaces or the hotel trade. Partition walls, bars, table legs, low walls… The solutions are numerous and the design timeless

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Jali - Patricia Urquiola's 3D brick collection for Mutina

“JALI” collection, roundness and softness

Jali offers a decoration typical of Indian architecture, composed of perforated rocks with an ornamental pattern. It’s a simple, functional terracotta brick with delicate shapes, designed to build partition walls or decorative furniture for interiors and exteriors.

Jali is a new collaboration between the talented designer Patricia Urquiola and Mutina. The collection features a three-dimensional element (23.4×23.4×11.7 cm), produced by extrusion, available in three colors: Neutro, the natural version, Nero and Bianco, with a gloss finish. Jali can be placed in residential and commercial spaces, indoors and out. It has been designed to play with the installation as much as possible. The bricks have a modular geometry and can be placed both vertically and horizontally, or by combining the two poses, in a line or in a staggered pattern. The infinite solutions make it possible to create dynamic compositions, architectural elements and furniture. With a little imagination and creativity, the solutions are endless.

ICON, by Wow Design

ICON is a simple, lightweight ceramic piece from Wow Design. Devoid of decoration, it has a minimalist character that is perfectly suited to architecture.
Its geometry offers numerous possibilities for use and design. Conceived as a privacy screen, its design conceals without obscuring, lets light through and enhances perspectives. Give free rein to your imagination and creativity!

Icon by Wow Design, an innovative design for a claustra with a unique signature

Collection de claustras en terre cuite - Fabrication artisanale - DeTegelBv chez Hydropolis

Clay screen collection - Handcrafted - DeTegelBv chez Hydropolis

A claustra with a Mediterranean accent

Founded in 1991, the De Tegel brand has become a household name for its handcrafted tiles. Committed to ecology and sustainability, the Dutch company is committed to presenting quality collections, produced with respect for the environment and the working conditions of craftsmen.

If you’re looking to create a warm, authentic atmosphere, the “Catalan” collection of terracotta screens is your best choice. It’s perfect for homes with character, such as farmhouses, country houses and castles. The innovative colors and shapes of De Tegel’s claustras also blend perfectly with more contemporary interiors and exteriors.

Available in 10 different models and 3 colors: light terracotta, red terracotta, dark terracotta.
Dimensions: 11 x 11 cm – “castellon” model only available in red terracotta 9.5 x 22 cm.
Available to order.

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Ceramica Ferres - Claustra collection Trencadis - Azul finish


Ceràmica Ferrés_Claustra in terracotta - Norfeu Collection






"Rectangular” partition wall by Ceramica Ferres

Wow Design - Collection ICON - Terracotta finish

Wow Design - Collection ICON - Terracotta and Sand finish

Wow Design - Collection ICON - Terracotta and Sand finish





Mutina_Collection Jali_Patricia_Urquiola_White and Neutral_ph_ClaudiaZalla

Mutina_Collection Jali_Patricia_Urquiola_White and Neutral_ph_ClaudiaZalla

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