How to design an Art Deco bathroom?


Art Deco is an artistic movement born in the 1910s after the First World War. It reached its peak in the 1920s and gradually declined from the 1930s. It is mainly found in the layout and decoration.

Art Deco has its own characteristics. This movement plays on ornaments, superimpositions, precious materials, geometric lines, symmetry, refinement and elegance.

It is a bold style that represents the spirit of its time. A period of great innovations, parties, shows, the desire to get rid of the past and look fully to the future; It was the roaring twenties!

Decades later, the Art Deco style continues. It even comes back to the forefront. In our bathrooms, we recognize it by a few specific codes such as contrasting colors, repetitive patterns, a mixture of materials, a lion’s claw bathtub, a ceramic sink, earthenware walls or covered with geometric wallpaper, brass taps, velvet accessories, floral or spiral patterns, etc.

The Art Deco style brings class and originality to the bathroom. A style that infuses an original and remarkable note.

Discover our 5 tips to adopt the Art Deco style in your bathroom!

Une salle de bains Art Déco par Oasis


Choosing the right colors is essential.

In Art Deco, black and white occupies an important place like midnight blue, burgundy or green.
The powder pink also has the rib and blends perfectly with more metallic colors such as gold or copper for a chic effect assured!

Lavabo colonne en céramique chez Lefroy Brooks


To arrange a bathroom in the Art Deco style, furniture with geometric lines is chosen and white color is preferred, like the sink column ceramic hexagonal shape.

For the bathtub, give preference to a claw-foot bathtub

Cast iron bathtub at Devon & Devon

Inspiration: an Art Deco bathroom at Lefroy Brooks

In an Art Deco bathroom, the faucet must shine! We opt for a copper or brass faucet for a touch of refinement.

Antique brass faucets at Lefroy Brooks

Gold and crystal fittings at THG

Inspiration : une salle de bains Art déco chez Bright Design Lab


To adopt a 100% Art Deco style, choose noble materials such as gold, brass, crystal, bronze, gold or marble.

For flooring and wall coverings, choose marble that will bring luxury and elegance. Wood is also a material that should not be neglected. As for tiles, it must shine! Metro tiles are used, preferably white, emblem of the Art Deco style. Feel free to use bright colors like green, blue or black.

In the Roaring Twenties, floral, geometric patterns were also widely used. Today they are found in endless collections of wallpaper with repetitive patterns. You just have to make your choice.

And for your fabrics, think velvet!

Lampe Pipistrello, icône de l'Art Déco chez Lightonline

4- Lighting fixtures

Between functional and decorative, it is essential to work well the lighting of the bathroom.
To awaken the Art Deco style, round lighting of preferences is installed. Sconces hung at the mirror for a glossy effect, fine and refined suspensions, or lamps to ask. And if you have a high ceiling, fall for a crystal chandelier

Round lamp at Lefroy Brooks

Wall lamp, by Lefroy Brooks

5 – Accessories

To bring an Art Deco touch to your bathroom, you can accessorize by adding velvet furniture such as a stool, a chair and pretty towel racks, a bevelled mirror, a vase, etc.

Chrome towel rack at Lefroy Brooks

Velvet pouf, at Oasis

Triptych mirror at Oasis

Hairdresser at Devon & Devon

Convinced by the Art Deco style?

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