INNOVATION: The first BetteAir shower tile

Bette is revolutionising the shower area of your bathroom with its latest invention: BetteAir.

Sleek design and absolute freedom of layout. That’s what sets the world’s first shower tile apart.
BetteAir gives free rein to the imagination. The shower tray as we know it is evolving. BetteAir is the world’s first vitrified steel shower tray. It’s virtually invisible, integrating naturally into every project and even becoming a design object.

Its non-porous surface guarantees perfect hygiene in the bathroom. Its filigree edge makes it easy to handle when installed flush with the floor. It can be glued directly to the screed in the same way as conventional tiles. It’s a real revolution in bathroom architecture and for installers.

With a titanium steel edge of just ten millimetres, the BetteAir tile blends in with any décor.

“BetteAir has all the advantages of tiling, without the disadvantages. With this tile, the shower floor takes on an impeccable, seamless beauty that is perfectly hygienic and easy to maintain,” sums up designer Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux & Partner, Potsdam).

Bette Air, an innovative and revolutionary installation

The revolutionary thing about BetteAir is that it is installed flush with the floor. It can be easily stuck to the concrete screed like traditional tiles. The solution is pre-assembled in the factory and delivered ready to install. This system makes the work of installers easier and significantly reduces the cost of the work.

BetteAir the new ultra-flat shower tile

BetteAir the new ultra-flat shower tile

BetteAir the new shower tile in vitrified steel

A wide choice of formats, colours and options

The BetteAir shower tile is available in eight formats, from 900 x 900 to 1400 x 1000 mm. Numerous design solutions for your bathroom. The BetteAir shower tile can be adapted to any size of bathroom to suit any project.

BetteAir offers a collection of 31 colours: classic, matt or effect colours.
(White, Pergamon, Manhattan, Bahamas Beige, Edelweiss, Jasmine, Ebony, Carneol + 22 exclusive matt colours ranging from deep black to matt white and grey-beige tones. Effect colour: Blue Satin)

On request, BetteAir can also be fitted with an anti-slip surface.
(Options available: BetteGlasur Plus, Bette Antidérapant Pro (class B to DIN 51097), Bette Antidérapant Sense (class C to DIN 51097))

BetteAir is fitted with acoustic protection for a silent shower. Once the system has been integrated using the Minimal mounting bracket and installation box, the sound pressure level is just 17 dB (A). This level is certified by DEKRA. Barely higher than a whisper, it guarantees greater peace and privacy, especially when showering at night in noisy flats or buildings.

Installation in just 3 steps

1. The installer positions the BetteAir installation box on the rough floor, puts the pipes in place and closes it with the protective cover.

2. He places the insulation and screed, cuts the box to the required height, positions the prefabricated seal (compliant with DIN 18534-1 and certified by KIWA) and applies the composite seal.

3. The installer completes the installation by connecting the drain, laying and gluing the shower tile, laying the tiles and sealing the maintenance slot with silicone. And that’s it!

BetteAir the new shower tile in vitrified steel

BetteAir la nouvelle dalle de douche en acier vitrifié - Couleur terracotta - Chez Hydropolis

BetteAir the new shower tile in vitrified steel - Terracotta colour - Chez Hydropolis

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