Classic 1900 – 3-hole basin mixer with pop-up waste

3-hole basin mixer with pop-up waste
Handles and finishes to choose from:
LB 1224 – WL 1224 – BL 1224 – CH 1224 – LS 1224


The 1900 Series: This series consists mainly of taps from the early 1900s. This elegant collection is particularly suited to country homes. It is available with a choice of handles (black or white porcelain, star, cross) and four standard finishes (chrome, silver nickel, polished brass, antique gold).
LB 1224 – WL 1224 – BL 1224 – CH 1224 – LS 1224
Special finishes on request: brushed nickel, brushed brass, Taunton, XO

Technical data: Please contact us to receive technical data sheets for European standards.

Lefroy Brooks is THE manufacturer of classic British bathrooms. All taps are cast, forged, polished, hand-assembled and manufactured in the Lefroy Brooks factory in Wolverhampton, England. Their high-end collections include taps, baths, marble consoles, towel rails and accessories.

Drawing on the archives of Lefroy Brooks, the brand retraces a century of bathroom taps and accessories. Each major era is symbolised by a collection, from the domestic origins of the tap at the end of the Victorian era to the start of a new millennium.

Founded more than 100 years ago by Christo Lefroy Brooks, a man with a passion for taps, this manufacturer sets itself apart from others by its constant search for rare tap models with refined design. By scouring fairs, castles and cottages, Christo Lefroy Brooks has been able to build up several collections of taps over this entire period, with a view to preserving his heritage.

Technical specifications

Technical data sheet: Please contact us for technical data sheets in line with European standards.


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