Grate – Under basin unit on single wooden legs


A product of the Grate collection.

Collection of furniture on aluminium legs with grooved fronts in solid wood (oak), either horizontal or vertical.
Designer Norm Architects.


The Grate furniture collection is inspired by historic design and classic architecture. The distinctive features of the Grate collection are its modularity and the use of noble materials that enhance its design. A collection of top-of-the-range furniture that plays on an elegant palette of colours and prestigious materials such as marble, cement, wood and metal.

The Grate collection comes in 8 solid wood finishes, grooved horizontally or vertically. The top and fronts are available in solid surface (colours on request), wood or Pietra Grey and Carrara marble. Grate can be adapted to suit a wide range of interior sizes, from simple modules to bespoke compositions in which drawers and cupboards are combined to create a unique piece of furniture.

The entire construction system of the modules in the Grate collection is mitre-cut, including the fronts, side panels and top. All the fronts in the collection are grooved, a unique design that cannot be modified. All the modules are open at the top, so it is necessary to add a top to close the unit.

All units are fitted with high-quality metal drawers in Anthracite finish and full-extraction runners for automatic, gradual drawer closure to prevent banging and noise. By default, all furniture with drawers is fitted with a 40kg load capacity and W45cm depth, except for the drawers where the basin will be located, which will be W35cm deep. For marble furniture, all runners, without exception, are W45cm deep and 70Kg load. Wall-hung furniture is fitted with the fixings required for installation and comes with an instruction manual. Furniture with feet comes with fixings for wall mounting.
Front opening system with aluminium handle in Brushed Graphite (GrC) finish. The design, finish and position of the pre-determined handle are unique and cannot be changed.

Finishes : Two finish options for cabinets with drawers: S3 Oak or Pietra Grey/Carrara Marble. The various units with doors are only available in S3 Oak.
For furniture made from S3 Oak wood, the components are made from solid natural European oak strips with water-repellent MDF panels, except for the grooved fronts which are made from 20mm triple-layer solid natural European oak. All the wooden products in this collection can be made from any wood in the S3 wood range.

In the case of furniture made from marble, the various pieces of marble are joined to the structure using screws and cannot therefore be changed. When replacing a piece of marble, it is not possible to maintain the same veining on the new piece as on the piece being replaced, due to the natural characteristics of the marble. By default, and with a few exceptions, marble tops and panels are obtained from the same block, thus ensuring continuity in the veining. Furniture with several grooved marble fronts will be made from the same block of marble to ensure continuity in the veining. Marble elements are handcrafted from a single block of stone or marble. Each type of stone has a different appearance because of the veining and colour of each block. These characteristics confirm the authenticity of a natural product.

Technical specifications

Wood cabinet with 1 drawer: 50/75/100 W x 50 D x 30/45 H cm
Wood cabinet with 2 drawers: 50/75/100 W x 50 D x 45 H cm
Wooden cabinet 1 door +1 shelf : 50 W x 50 D x 45 H cm
Wooden unit with 2 doors and 1 shelf: 75/100 W x 50 D x 45 H cm

Marble unit with 1 drawer: 50/75/100 W x 50 D x 30/45 H cm

Counter top: 75 to 250 W x 50 D cm
Finishes: Solid surface (colours on request) Pietra Grey or Carrara marble

Internal drawer, choice of finish. Made from 12mm oak
25 to 100 W x 11 H cm
25 to 100 W x 17 H cm

Shelf: 19 mm MDF, finish to choose, with bottom support
25 to 100 W cm

Self-supporting 4-leg aluminium structure, brushed graphite finish
50 to 200 W x 50 D x 35/50 H cm

Solid wood – 8 different finishes: Natural Wild Oak, Mist Wild Oak, Shadow Wild Oak, Tanned Wild Oak, Dried Wild Oak, Grey Wild Oak, Bronzed Wild Oak, Smoked Wild Oak.

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