Roten – Hanging furniture in cane and solid ash


A product of the Roten collection.

Roten solid ash and cane furniture with Alma ceramic vanity top.

Roten takes its inspiration from the legendary rocking chairs in wood and cane (rock in chair), and the more contemporary, cosmopolitan bathroom ambience, giving it a unique style that’s right on trend.
Roten is available in satin white lacquer, satin black lacquer and solid wood.


Roten furniture demonstrates how a simple material can be the starting point for a magnificent and different object.

It was born as a tribute to the Valencian tradition at the end of the 19th century, made up of craftsmen and then industrialists, who have been making wooden furniture of extraordinary quality since ancient times. More specifically, the Roten collection is a direct heritage of the furniture that was made from bentwood combined with rattan. These are pieces that still work very well in contemporary environments. Good, timeless design

That’s why Roten is only available in satin white lacquer, satin black lacquer and solid wood. In doing so, it respects the spirit of the furniture from which it draws its inspiration.

Tradition, design and modernity represent this range.
The Roten solid wood designer bathroom furniture is perfect for modern bathrooms. This storage unit has a large drawer. With a made-to-measure width ranging from 80 to 150 cm, the Roten natural wood vanity unit adapts to all bathroom dimensions. Rattan hanging cabinet sold separately. Please contact us for further information.

The Roten bathroom furniture unit is made from solid ash. Combined with a drawer front adorned with rattan, this solid wood suspended vanity unit in a natural tone brings an Art Deco style to your bathroom.

Technical specifications

Material :

Dimensions :
Length : 800 – 1500 cm
Bottom: 510 cm
Height : 362 cm

Length: 362 – 724 cm.
Bottom: 317 cm
Height: 900 cm

Pull-out opening system.
1-drawer modules.
1 and 2-door modules.


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