Pan – Freestanding bath and shower mixer on base


A product of the Pan collection.

Free-standing bath mixer with diverter and shower set.

Designers: Ludovica and Roberto Palomba


When the bath has no surround or is located in the centre of a room, a free-standing mixer tap is ideal. It’s the most practical and suitable installation. Its size creates an unparalleled elegance and refinement. Several collections offer varying models, including the PAN collection by ZUCCHETTI.

This pedestal tap consists of a hand shower, a spout and a mixer tap. It’s an extremely simple and discreet model. Classy and sophisticated, infinite composition possibilities are possible. The design of this product contrasts sharply with an imposing bath. In creating an industrial response to a wide range of functional and design requirements, Pan has also expanded with the Pan+ collection: a modular line that can be combined in a variety of customised ways. The PAN collection also offers a derivative of this model. The Z92059 mixer tap for free-standing baths has a curved shape that adds simplicity and lightness.

Placed upright next to the bath, this mixer will be a decorative, functional and accessorising element in your bathroom. Its ten different finishes will allow customers to harmonise and choose. With its contemporary style, it will fit right into your home!




Technical specifications


Spout : Length: 280 mm

Diameter: 20 mm

Height: 815 mm from floor

Hand shower: Height: 188 mm

Assembly: Height: 910 mm

Diameter: 44 mm

Base diameter: 100 mm




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