Warm up in colour with radiators from Tubes Radiatori

TUBES RADIATORI has been revolutionising the world of heating in our homes for over 30 years. The Italian brand was responsible for the invention of the GVR (Groupe Vannes à Raccordement Distant) system, which allows valves to be positioned up to 6 metres away from the heating element. This innovation now gives designers the freedom to create a radiator whose design is more akin to a work of art than an everyday object.

Thanks to TUBES, towel rails and radiators have adopted a new language. They have changed shape, colour and, above all, revolutionised our interiors. By collaborating with the greatest international designers, their collections have become the new design objects of our everyday lives.

These include the collaboration with Roberto and Ludovica Palomba, which gave rise to the ELEMENTS collection, Luca Nichetto, who created the ASTRO fan heater, and Alberto Meda for the Step-by-Step decorative radiator. In 2005, TUBES created another surprise with the launch of MILANO and SOHO, a new generation of freestanding radiators.

From radiators and towel rails to decorative radiators and air purification systems, TUBES now offers a comprehensive range.
Each product is the result of an innovation and can be adapted to both private and professional spaces. True design icons have emerged from the Italian brand’s factories.

In 2022, TUBES continues to surprise and innovate with ever more avant-garde solutions.
Here’s a closer look at the brand’s latest innovations for your home.

1- I CHING, the new towel rail model

I CHING is the new towel rail module designed by Elisa Ossino, created through a process of extreme simplification. A pure, minimalist design that transforms the towel rail into a work of art at the heart of the bathroom.

You’d almost forget the functional aspect for which it was designed.

I Ching has been designed to be installed singly or in multiples. You can create a design to suit your needs: one or more parallel or sequential lines are inserted into the wall, offering the possibility of creating different graphic compositions.

The I Ching towel rail is made from 304L stainless steel and is available in hydraulic or electric (24 volt) versions. The hydraulic model is installed on the wall by means of a concealed fitting and connected to the heating system via the Remote Valve Unit (RVU).

The collection is enhanced by elegant metal finishes available in bright stainless steel, satin stainless steel, matt brushed black nickel, matt brushed pewter, matt brushed copper, matt black (RAL 9005), matt white (RAL 9016), or painted in the 260 colours of the Tubes palette.

Light, minimal and essential, this radiator is as precious as a piece of jewellery, or a work of art on your wall.

I CHING, a minimalist, designer wall heating solution for your home

The NEW I CHING PRODUCT, designed for Tubes by Elisa Ossino, is a towel-drying module based on a simplification project.

Light, minimal and essential, with I Ching the radiator can have the same preciousness as a piece of jewellery, or take the place of a painting on a wall.

2- 41 new shades for even more colourful interiors

Another novelty at TUBES RADIATORI and following a study on color trends 2022-2023, 41 new shades are appearing for even more colorful interiors.

The main innovations:

  • 4 ANODIC colours: Gold, Light gold, Bronze and Dark bronze. They simulate the effect of anodized finishes
  • 7 new WRINKLED colours: Ivory, RAL 3004 Purple Red, RAL 8004 Copper Brown, RAL 6009 Fir Green, RAL 1033 Dahlia Yellow, RAL 9007 Aluminium Grey. They give a textured appearance to the surface of the products.
  • New WHITE: RAL 9010 Pure White GLOSSY GREY (cod. 910L) and OPAQUE (cod. 910P) are added to the STANDARD WHITE TUBES (cod. 9010).
  • New YELLOW, RED and PURPLE in brilliant and matte colors
  • New GREEN, BLUE and BLUE both shiny and matte.

The new 2022 colours shades from TUBES

With these 41 new shades of colors that are available in all TUBES collections, let your imagination speak and imagine your custom-made interiors!

These 41 shades are available on all the collections of TUBES RADIATORI, like the Rift collection, which we invite you to discover in pictures.

RIFT, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in collaboration with Matteo Fiorini

RIFT, conceived by designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba in collaboration with Matteo Fiorini in 2014, with RIFT/reverse shows itself in a new light and is enriched by specially created accessories.

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