Innovation: A concrete bathtub in the bathroom

A central feature of your bathroom, the bath is now available in all shapes and materials. Round, square, oval, white or coloured, in cast iron, enamelled steel, solid surface or acrylic, the most common material used in bathrooms today. The choice is yours!

But have you heard of the concrete bath?
Historically used in the construction industry, it’s hard to imagine something as imposing as a concrete bathtub in your bathroom.
But Detremmerie has done it!

A Belgian manufacturer of bathroom products for 80 years, Detremmerie is building on the success of its concrete basins with two new island baths: La Clément and La Thorgan, initially manufactured in solid surface.

Concrete bathtubs - By Detremmerie

Is a concrete bathtub possible?

The innovation developed by the Detremmerie teams is based on real, moulded concrete rather than sprayed concrete. The concrete has been lightened to reduce the weight of the baths and make them suitable for use in our interiors. Usually porous, the concrete has also been treated with a water-based resin, i.e. an emulsion paint that can be diluted with water, also known as water-based paint. This resin is colourless, UV-resistant and odourless.
The result is a water-repellent, stain-resistant concrete bath!

What are the advantages of a concrete bath?

There are many.
A concrete bath is easy to maintain. The resin-based treatment makes the bath water-repellent and stain-resistant! No long-term treatment is required. The warm, velvety material will shatter your idea of cold, soulless concrete. What’s more, it’s slip-resistant, UV-resistant and soundproof. Perfect for a moment of relaxation.

Which concrete bath to choose?

There are 2 models of freestanding bath: the Thorgan and the Clement, available in two shades, light concrete or anthracite.

The Thorgan is a free-standing model with an original, contemporary design. A real design statement, it will find its place in bathrooms with a refined or raw feel.

The Clement is an iconic model with a more classic design. Its rounded shape is reminiscent of the softness of a pebble. A more compact model than its sister, it will blend perfectly with different bathroom styles.

Thorgan clear concrete bathtub

Clement dark concrete bathtub

A concrete bathtub in a few figures :

  • 2 freestanding models without overflow
  • 2 shades of concrete available: light concrete or dark concrete (anthracite)
  • Dimensions of the Clement bath: 160×75 cm, capacity 200 litres
  • Dimensions of the Thorgan bath: 171×75 cm, capacity 182 litres
  • Weight of a bath: 150 kg

In keeping with the 2022 trend for a raw, natural bathroom, opt for a Detremmerie concrete bathtub.
It’ll be the centrepiece of your bathroom, adding a touch of elegance and modernity.

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