Inspirations: the elegance and functionality of walk-in shower enclosures

Walk-in corner shower enclosure, black finish - LOFT Collection, available at Hydropolis

These days, the bathroom is much more than just a functional space. It’s become a personal sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after a long day. With this in mind, walk-in shower enclosures have become a must-have trend for those looking to bring a touch of modernity and elegance to their bathroom. Whether you’re renovating your space or building a new home, it’s essential to consider the aesthetic and practical benefits of these open shower enclosures.

The Hydropolis teams, custom designers of your bathing and wellness spaces, offer you their advice and their favorites.


What is a walk-in shower?

Walk-in shower enclosures are distinguished by their frameless design, offering a clean, elegant aesthetic. Unlike traditional shower cubicles, these enclosures blend harmoniously into any bathroom style, whether it’s a modern, minimalist design or a more classic look. Their visual simplicity creates a feeling of space, which is particularly advantageous for small bathrooms, giving the impression of a larger, brighter room.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, walk-in shower enclosures also offer exceptional functionality. Their doorless opening facilitates access to the shower, making entry and exit more convenient, especially for people with reduced mobility. What’s more, they allow better air and light circulation, creating a more pleasant and refreshing atmosphere.

Walk-in shower screen, light gold finish at Hydropolis

Which walk-in shower screen to choose?

As a lover of fine brands and collections that combine retro elegance with modern design, Hydropolis has selected two new models of walk-in shower enclosures from the prestigious Italian brand Devon&Devon.

Founded in Florence in 1989, the brand is renowned for its revisited classic style, attention to detail and craftsmanship. It specializes in the design and manufacture of bathroom furniture, faucets, bathtubs, sinks and other high-end bathroom accessories.

Devon&Devon is inspired by the timeless elegance of past eras, creating collections that combine the charm of the past with a touch of modernity. The brand’s products are distinguished by their refined aesthetics, superior materials and constant pursuit of excellence. Whether you’re looking to create a classic, luxurious bathroom or a contemporary, elegant space, Devon&Devon offers a wide range of furniture and accessories to suit every taste and style.

Zoom in on the new Walk-in shower door collection, perfect for bathroom projects inspired by comfort and versatility. The new versions of “Savoy” and “Loft” are the perfect synthesis of the timeless elegance of Devon&Devon style, careful attention to detail and maximum design freedom.

For loft chic in the bathroom

The “Loft” walk-in shower enclosure from Devon&Devon embodies the very essence of contemporary elegance. Inspired by industrial design and urban lofts, this shower enclosure perfectly combines clean lines and high-quality materials. Made from 8 mm thick tempered safety glass, the Loft shower enclosure offers exceptional resistance while bringing luminous transparency to your bathroom.

The real highlight of Loft is its minimalist brushed stainless steel frame. This metal frame, both robust and refined, gives the wall a modern, sophisticated look. It also emphasizes the purity of the glass, creating a harmonious, timeless aesthetic.

Ideal for contemporary bathrooms or for unexpected combinations with elements with retro accents, Loft Walk-in shower doors are the perfect solution for absolute comfort and elegance. Profiles are available in white, black, chrome or light gold aluminum, and transparent or frosted glass can be customized with drawings, initials or logos on request, adapting perfectly to your needs and the layout of your bathroom.

Loft F 98 – cm L: 97,2/98 x H: 200
Loft F 118 – cm L: 117,2/118 x H: 200
Loft F 138 – cm L: 137,2/138 x H: 200
Loft G 98 – cm L: 97.2/98 x H: 200
Loft G 118 – cm L: 117.2/118 x H: 200
Loft G 138 – cm L: 137.2/138 x H: 200
Loft H 98 – cm L: 97.2/98 x H: 200
Loft H 118 – cm L: 117,2/118 x H: 200
Loft H 138 – cm L: 137,2/138 x H: 200

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Walk-in shower screen, matte black finish - LOFT collection from Devon&Devon - Available at Hydropolis

Walk-in shower screen, light gold finish from Devon - Available at Hydropolis

Walk-in corner shower enclosure, black finish - LOFT Collection, available at Hydropolis

Walk-in corner shower enclosure, black finish - LOFT Collection, available at Hydropolis

Walk-in glass corner shower screen from Devon&Devon - SAVOY Collection available at Hydropolis

The timeless charm of retro collections

If you’re looking for a walk-in shower enclosure that evokes classic elegance and timeless charm, Devon&Devon’s “Savoy” enclosure is the perfect choice. Inspired by the luxurious decors of Belle Époque hotels, this shower enclosure embodies refinement and sophistication. With its paneled design, the “Savoy” enclosure adds a touch of character and subtlety to your bathroom.

Made from 6 mm thick tempered safety glass, the “Savoy” enclosure offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The meticulous detailing of its chrome-finished solid brass profiles adds a touch of luxury to the whole. Refined design and attention to detail make the classic elegance of the “Savoy” Walk-in shower door inimitable. Designed to perfectly combine comfort and aesthetics, it is available in three sizes. The aluminum profiles and towel bar can be customized in terms of finish. Transparent, satin-finish or decorated glass can be customized on request with drawings, initials or logos.

Savoy Walk-in 1090 – cm L: 107/109 x H: 200 
Savoy Walk-in 1190 – cm L: 117/119 x H: 200 
Savoy Walk-in 1290 – cm L: 127/129 x H: 200 

Whether you opt for the contemporary “Loft” shower enclosure or the classically styled “Savoy”, both models from Devon&Devon offer exceptional quality, refined aesthetics and optimum functionality. These walk-in shower enclosures will transform your bathroom into an elegant and comfortable space, where you can enjoy a luxurious showering experience every day.


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