Which coating to choose around your bathtub?

Salle de bain design : baignoire haut de gamme par Agape
Minimalist atmosphere for this small bathroom that has everything of a great. Agape bathtub and Gypsum wall tiles, available at Hydropolis.

Minimalist atmosphere for this small bathroom that has everything of a great. Agape bathtub and Gypsum wall tiles, available at Hydropolis.

A coating for every space

Choosing the right coating around a bathtub is an important element when designing or renovating a bathroom. Indeed, the coating must be adapted to the use of the bathtub and the humidity that characterises this space. It must also be aesthetic to give a personal touch to the bathroom. Tiles are a common option, but there are also other original materials that can be used to create a unique atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the different types of possible coatings and the criteria to take into account to make the right choice.

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The choice of coating around a bathtub depends on several factors such as splash and moisture resistance, ease of maintenance, aesthetic appearance and durability. Tiles are a common option because they offer good water resistance and are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. However, other alternatives exist such as water-repellent wallpapers designed especially for wet spaces.

More original materials such as waxed concrete, zelliges or marble can also be used to give a unique touch to the bathroom. It is important to choose a suitable coating for the use of the bathtub, while creating a consistent atmosphere with the rest of the bathroom. To make no mistake, we recommend you seek the advice of a professional to find the ideal coating according to your needs and your budget.

Cast iron bathtub, retro vibe in the bathroom - Devon&Devo

1- Tiles, a safe bet

The tile is a popular coating for the bath area, as it offers many advantages. It is easy to maintain and water resistant, making it a convenient option for the bathroom. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns, which allows to customise the space according to the tastes of each.

The tile is also your best ally to last in time without requiring expensive repairs or replacements. In some cases, it offers an aesthetic touch to the bathroom by providing a texture, pattern or color that complements or sublimates the atmosphere of the room.

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2- Zellige or marble to enhance your bathing space

Marble is an elegant and sophisticated choice for your bath. It is water-resistant and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for the bathroom. Available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, it offers plenty of scope for personalising your space. Marble is a natural material that can last for many years if cared for properly. It is the ‘luxury’ touch in the bathroom, its texture creating a refined and elegant atmosphere. While marble can be expensive, opt for a collection in porcelain stoneware with a marble effect, with a wide range of tile formats and finishes.

Carrelage effet 3D pour donner une salle de bains colorée et contemporaine. Collection Boho de chez WOW Design, disponible chez Hydropolis

3D effect tiles for a colorful and contemporary bathroom. Boho collection from WOW Design, available at Hydropolis

Porcelain stoneware tiles for the bathroom

Zelliges are a bold, artisanal choice for bath surrounds. Firstly, they offer a vibrant texture and colour that can add a Moroccan touch to the bathroom. What’s more, zelliges are handmade from clay, making them an eco-friendly choice. They are also water-resistant and durable, making them a practical option for the bathroom. Finally, zelliges have a history and cultural significance that can add an extra dimension to interior design. While real zelliges can be expensive because they are made by hand, there are alternative solutions that can be used to create beautiful projects, such as porcelain stoneware tiles, available in a wide range of formats and colours.

For a warm and artisanal atmosphere, opt for zelliges dressing around your bathtub. Collection DETEGELBV, available at Hydropolis.

Terracotta settles on your bathroom walls as evidenced by this pretty credence made of terracotta bricks from Fragmenti Cotto (13x98mm).

3- Terracotta or Terrazzo ambience for a trendy look

Terracotta is an original and warm choice for bath surrounds. It offers a unique texture and colour that can bring a rustic, authentic touch to the bathroom. It’s also a natural material, made from clay fired at high temperatures, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Terracotta is also durable and water-resistant, a very practical solution for the bathroom. Like all natural materials, it’s important to note that terracotta requires regular maintenance to avoid stains and scratches and to stand the test of time.

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4- A bold touch with wallpaper

Water-repellent wallpaper is still a little-known solution for decorating the space around your bath. Yet it offers an infinite number of decorative possibilities for personalising wet rooms ranging from bathrooms to spas. Contrary to popular belief, water-repellent wallpaper is specially designed to resist damp and splashes of water, making it ideal for wet rooms such as bathrooms. It adapts to any space, is easy to hang and can be an alternative to traditional tiles for a truly unique look.

Another important factor, especially when renovating a property, is that wallpaper for wet rooms can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including tiles, plaster, concrete, wood and plasterboard. It’s an undeniable advantage when it comes to avoiding major works! On the technical side, water-repellent wallpaper is made up of several layers of special materials, including a primer layer to give the surface strength and water resistance, a layer of adhesive glue to fix the wallpaper and a finishing varnish to protect the covering and make it easier to maintain. All these elements are supplied with the wallpaper. And if you’re still unsure, you should know that water-repellent wallpaper is easy to clean with a damp cloth and requires no special cleaning products.

Decorative inspiration with a pretty colorful wallpaper placed behind the bathtub. Project Due Interior Design - Vivido Collection by Wall&Dec

At Hydropolis, we regularly recommend this support, which is a practical and aesthetic solution for covering the walls around a bath or shower, while offering effective protection against moisture and water splashes. It’s also an effective solution that’s easy to install, easy to maintain and can save you a lot of work.

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Choosing the right cladding for the area around the bath is therefore a key element in creating an attractive and functional bathroom. Tiles, marble, terracotta, zelliges and water-repellent wallpaper are all options that offer very different design solutions. The final choice will depend above all on the aesthetic appeal you want, your budget and the maintenance and durability you require. Whichever covering you choose for your project, it must be chosen with care and installed professionally to guarantee an attractive and practical bathroom for years to come.


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Realization of a credenza in terracotta in a contemporary bathroom

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