Ease – Round freestanding basin in Solid Surface or marble


A product of the Ease collection.

Round basin in Solid Surface or marble. Can also be combined with the freestanding washbasin from the same collection.
Designer NOTE Design Studio.


Ease was born of this idea, a collection designed to respond to those moments of relaxation, that need for well-being that now occupies our lives.

The bathroom is a unique space in the home, the only room where you can take time for yourself. You start and end your day in this space, which is why Inbani has created a collection that serves as a basis for these moments of wellbeing. The pieces have been created by considering the bathroom as a place of retreat and introspection. The aim is to reinforce functionality and simplicity, which are the pillars of the collection.

When you enter this space, you expect to disconnect from the world, to enter your own universe where everything is familiar, simple, where pleasure comes from basic actions through simple gestures, far from the complexities and bustle of the outside world.

The Ease collection attempts to capture happiness through naturalness and simplicity. Basic shapes that contrast with each other, uniformity and a palette of soft, natural materials make the Ease designs an invitation to relax.

Technical specifications

Round freestanding basin in Solid Surface or marble. Drain and siphon not included.

Height 10 cm
Diameter 48 cm

Weight in Solid Surface 15.3 kg
Weight in marble 28.8 kg

Basin available in matt lacquer (choose from over 60 colours) or marble (marquina black, pietra grey and Carrara).



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