Pan – Concealed shower column with hand shower and overhead rainfall shower


A product of the Pan collection.

From the Pan collection by Zucchetti, this exposed thermostatic wall-mounted shower mixer is concealed.

Water flow rate of 9L/min or less.

Developed by designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the Pan collection is available in a range of sanitary products.


Bring sophisticated yet simple style to your bathroom with the Pan ZD1050 thermostatic shower column. It consists of a bar mixer and a tube/stylo hand shower. Made from brass, the thermostatic shower mixer offers easy control of water flow and temperature. The shower head is lightweight and easy to grip. The column is slim and space-saving. The entire wall-mounted body is easy to install and integrate into any environment.

The Pan collection is inspired by classic archetypes and develops original aesthetics and typologies, focusing on the connection between vertical and horizontal elements. Cut-outs and welds do not exist in nature. In the same way, the spout and tap handle emerge from a body imagined as the trunk of a tree. Following the same logic of the branch-trunk junction, this model can be integrated into any bathroom. Lightness and simplicity are the main characteristics of this flexible, cross-sectional collection of taps, which comes in an extraordinarily wide range. Behind the apparent formal simplicity lie infinite compositional possibilities. This column speaks the language of flexibility: it’s not a design effort but an idea that stems from the creativity of water and follows its plastic forms.

Combine this column with other items in the Pan collection for a contemporary, harmonious look.









Technical specifications

Height: 1216 mm

Depth: 392 mm

Diameter: 200 mm

Materials: brass

Several finishes are available.



Range of finishes available for the PAN collection columnTechnical data for the PAN collection thermostatic shower column with hand shower


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